Press Coverage

The most notable media appearances include multiple interviews on PRI (which airs on NPR stations), a prominent role in a TV segment, and an article by Newsweek that quotes me and mentions one of my books.


  • PRI’s program “The World in Words,” April 27, 2010: I spoke about five unusual Japanese expressions. My segment goes from 19:05 to the end of the podcast, filling nearly nine minutes.
  • PRI’s program “The World in Words,” March 4, 2009: I spoke at length about my love of kanji, as well as my undying passion for author Haruki Murakami. My part goes from 10:14 to 22:15.
  • PRI’s program “The World in Words,” November 2008: I commented on the Geo Quiz answer. My segment goes from 0:30 to 1:01.


  • NBC’s program Asian Pacific America, April 30, 2017: Host Robert Handa invited me to speak about kanji matters, and I happily obliged.
  • TVO’s program Saturday Night at the Movies, October 17, 2010: TVO (a public TV station in Toronto, Canada) ran a 20-minute show about abortion issues, particularly in movies. The episode (which is no longer posted online because the program no longer exists) ran between their screenings of Cider House Rules and Citizen Ruth. I appeared throughout the show but much more toward the end. They invited me to participate both because of my book Experiencing Abortion and because, back in 1999, I wrote an article on abortion in Hollywood movies.


  • Chaat and Chats with Authors and Artists, December 5, 2009: I organized “Chaat and Chats with Authors and Artists: A Holiday Fair Featuring Autographed Books and Direct-from-the-Artist Gifts.” More than 30 vendors participated, and people deemed the event a success. Hamro Samaj, a site for the Nepalese community of Northern California, made a 9-minute video of the event, interviewing me and several other vendors. Gives a nice sense of the vibe of the event.

Articles for Which I Was Interviewed

  • Newsweek, December 2007: In an article about Hollywood’s treatment of unplanned pregnancy in film, Jennie Yabroff quoted me and mentioned Experiencing Abortion.
  • Chin Music Press blog, May 24, 2012: David Jacobson wrote a terrific article that doubles as a review of Joy o’ Kanji.
  • Huffington Post Food column, March 11, 2013: Anneli Rufus wrote about sticky foods, and I supplied input about kanji-related matters.
  • Huffington Post Food column, June 2, 2011: Anneli Rufus wrote about ramen from all angles, consulting me about the kanji aspects.
  • East Bay Express’s Social Services column, May 13, 2011: Anneli Rufus blogged about Quilts4Japan.
  • TV host Nancy Zieman’s blog, May 3, 2011: The host of the PBS show Sewing With Nancy interviewed Gail Shea and me by phone about Quilts4Japan, our effort to help the survivors of the multiple disasters in Tohoku. She then blogged about what we’re doing.
  • The Albany Patch, April 7, 2011: Dorothy Brown interviewed Gail Shea and me about Quilts4Japan and then published a photo essay about this project. The story is in the captions.
  • The East Bay Express‘s “Publisher’s Row,” August 1997: Laura Hagar did a write-up of Experiencing Abortion after speaking with me at length.

Reviews of My Books

  • Crazy for Kanji: The many reviews range from Mary Sisk Noguchi’s column in the Japan Times to Claytonian’s video review on YouTube. You’ll find all reviews here.
  • Experiencing Abortion: The book came out in pre-digital days, so all reviews were in print publications. You can see excerpts here under “What Reviewers Have Said.”

Other Articles That Mention My Work Sans Interview

  • Quirky Berkeley, September 2015: Tom Dalzell, creator of Quirky Berkeley (a terrific series of articles about the oddities on people’s properties in our wacky city), acted on my tip about a very quirky front yard near my office. He wrote a great post on it, giving Joy o’ Kanji much-appreciated props! A few weeks earlier, I had written about the same yard from a kanji perspective.
  • Gender Across Borders, January 2010: My article on abortion in Hollywood movies got a prominent mention in Carrie Polansky’s piece about the same topic.
  • SFGate Write-up of My Kanji Event at the Asian Art Museum, August 2009: In the “Mommy Files,” Amy Graff wrote a tiny piece recommending fun things to do over the weekend.
  • The East Bay Express‘s Best of the East Bay: Best Kanji Crash Course, March 2009: In giving me the award “Best Kanji Crash Course” because of Crazy for Kanji, Anneli Rufus blogged about the book and about the Festival of Kanji I held as a launch party.
  • The Japan Times, October 2007: In her column, Mary Sisk Noguchi lauded my blog Kanji Curiosity as “informative and entertaining.”