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A deeper look

A deeper look


5 Responses to “Kanji Blog Post #1”

  1. Hiroshi Mori Says:

    In the midst of gruesome words related to chopping off and squeezing of a neck, 花首and 鶴首 stand out as beautiful words.

  2. Steve Says:

    Note that 船首{せんしゅ}means prow or bow of a boat and 船尾{せんび}means stern.

    You might take a look at “tail” compounds also.

  3. Eve Kushner Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve! Looks like lots of fun compounds contain 尾, including 上首尾, the 3rd compound in the puzzle above!

  4. ebet dudley Says:

    I found this blog by Googling “tug-of-war using necks Japanese,” I kid you not. I am a kid in a candy store; you are marvelous whereas I will soon have diabetes!

  5. Eve Kushner Says:

    Ha! Thanks (I think!)! I was under the impression that my kanji writing might lead to a variety of ailments—dizziness and headaches come to mind, for starters—but diabetes is a new one!

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