General Interest

I hope all the articles on my site are generally of interest, but I'm reserving that particular description for the pieces here, which seem to defy neat categorization. The topics run the gamut, as do the publishers.

  • Ambassadors of the Avenues
    This piece for the May 2010 Berkeley Monthly is about formerly down-and-out people who now work for the City of Berkeley, helping others in need.
  • Treasures That Show the Tincture of Time
    This write-up of Urban Chateau, a high-end antiques store in San Francisco, appeared on March 21, 2009, in The National, a newspaper based in the UAE.
  • An Elegant Tribute
    This feature story in the March 2009 East Bay Monthly is about the Ed Roberts Campus now being built in Berkeley. This project will provide services for people with disabilities in an integrated, unified way and features the best practices of Universal Design, all while serving as a beautiful tribute to Ed Roberts (a pioneer who fought for disability rights). Don't miss the sidebar about his life. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability featured "An Elegant Tribute" in its February 2010 newsletter. The newsletter editor wrote, "This article covers all the important reasons that a building like this is hugely important to both people with and without disabilities.... I found myself nodding emphatically while reading this article and hope architects and designers are motivated by it as well."
  • Lawfully Wedded Limbo
    This feature story on marriage equality appeared in the October 2008 issue of the East Bay Monthly. I profiled three same-sex couples who had recently married, sometimes for the second or third time. The Monthly's website now has a digital edition that allows you to read the magazine online, turning pages as if you were reading the print edition. To access the digital edition, you might need to maneuver around your browser's preferences; mine blocks pop-up windows, so it initially blocked me from seeing the digital edition. Takes some getting used to, but working with the digital edition is also kind of fun. My article starts on page 15.
  • Pedal Power
    My feature story on the possibility of Bay Area bike sharing appeared in the February 2008 East Bay Monthly.
  • A Tree Grows in Berkeley
    The May 2007 East Bay Monthly carried my feature article about a huge controversy brewing in Berkeley. If you want to see naked people lying under oak trees, check it out.
  • Go Forth and Multiply: Abortion in Hollywood Movies of the '90s
    This article originally appeared in Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture and was reprinted in the online magazine Bright Lights Film Journal. That's where the article link will take you. The article has also been reprinted in ProQuest Information and Learning, an educational database. In spring 2006, the article was recommended as side reading in a Rutgers University course, "Current Moral and Social Issues." In summer 2007, the article was quoted extensively in a piece by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. After a Newsweek editor saw the article, she interviewed Eve and quoted her in a December 2007 article about the movie Juno. Finally, the article played a prominent role in a January 2010 article on Gender Across Borders.
From June 2008 through August 2010, I wrote a monthly article in the Family section of the San Francisco Chronicle about fun things to do with kids:
    June 2010: On a San Francisco event with the best-selling author of Geek Dad.
    May 2010: On Happy Birds, a parrot troupe performing at KidFest in Concord.
    January 2010: On Silicon Valley Puzzle Day, which features crosswords and sudoku workshops and tournaments in Morgan Hill.
    December 24, 2009: On a Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.
    December 3, 2009: On the Greatest Bubble Show on Earth in San Francisco.
    August 2009: On bees, honey, and a San Francisco shop specializing in both.
    July 2009: Exhibit called "Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China" at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito.
    June 2009: Family printmaking workshop at Mills College in Oakland. The workshop accompanies an exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints about the Kanto earthquake.
    March 2009: Places to ditch the kids for a few hours
    January 2009: Chinese brush painting at the Oakland Museum's Lunar New Year celebration. I actually had a "Fun with Kanji" table at the festival! Felt great to spread the love of kanji!
    October 2008: Family Day at an exhibit of political memorabilia
    June 2008: Family Day at the Museum of the African Diaspora