Book Reviews

Exciting News!

What a thrill! Red Room, a website that strives to promote authors and connect them with readers, featured my review of Midori by Moonlight (a novel by Wendy Tokunaga) on the front page, under the category "Best Review"!

I've published twelve book reviews. Sometimes editors assigned me the books, but mostly I got to choose the titles. These articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay Express, the Hyde Park Review of Books, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Persimmon, and on the "Kanji Clinic" site. I've included a sampling here:

  • Kanji Pict-o-Graphix by Michael Rowley
    My review appears on Mary Sisk Noguchi's "Kanji Clinic" site.
  • Losing Kei, by Suzanne Kamata
    My review of this Japan-themed novel appeared in the "Datebook" section of the San Francisco Chronicle on March 20, 2008. Losing Kei is the story of a young American woman who moves to Japan and marries unhappily into a traditional Japanese family.
  • Midori by Moonlight, by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga
    This Japan-themed novel explores painful realities but leavens those serious themes with comical wordplay and a quirky dessert motif. The completely believable characters move us with their pain and dreams, making us root for them to the end. I highly recommend this fun, fast read. My review appeared in the "Datebook" section of the San Francisco Chronicle on October 30, 2007.